Welcome To The Project

The Good Human Project is a blog that aims to highlight the goodness in our humanity and our world. The project will shed a light at all the great efforts, small and big, initiated, created, and organised by humans for humans, and for animals too. It serves as a platform for sharing these stories of people from our community and around the world to inspire, be positive, raise awareness and ensure continuity. Join me in helping make the ‘good human’ project become an everyday normal occurrence. 

So, how do we do this?

Everyone can help here. Share with me what you’ve seen today, what you’ve heard, and perhaps what you’ve done of any type of behaviour classified under the ‘good human’ and I will post it on the blog.

Next, share it with everyone you know, and try not to spam. The goal is to share ideas and initiatives that improve and help, and eventually this blog will hopefully return good humans who can help and improve therefore carrying on the cycle.

The fun part is that you can be responsible for your own story. If you’re a photographer, writer, designer, inventor or anything else in between, go ahead and submit your story the way you’d like it to be seen whether a photograph, a poem, a poster or a creation, it will only inspire people even more.

The Good Human Project combines every element of good human behaviour, including creativity and good grammar. All submissions will go through a review process before posting.

Email your stories to thegoodhumanproject@gmail.com

Happy posting!


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