10 Valuable Thoughts from Your Good Human – Flea4Charity

As part of the 10 Valuable Thoughts feature, The Good Human has asked Flea4Charity 10 questions to get some valuable insight into the foundation and the people and projects behind it. We encourage the community to keep an eye out for foundations and charitable projects; one day perhaps you might be able to support and take part in a cause that can impact you profoundly. Read on and feel free to share any questions you may have for Flea4Charity.


1. What/Who is Flea4Charity?

Flea4Charity is a Dubai-based charity founded by Luz Villamil and Jihad M’nasria back in March 2011. We are a team of 6 members altogether, including Ahmed Ramadan, Ahmad Abugosh, Sajid Ismail and Khadra Hayati. We started out by wanting to help our Libyan university colleagues whom had families and friends suffering during the revolution in Libya, yet we always wanted to do our own initiative since we have been active in CSR since we first met in university back in 2004.

Jihan Mnasria & Luz Villamil

Flea4Charity team

2. What major projects have you worked on?

– Raising more than $44,000 for the famine in East Africa.
– Better Bukra (Better tomorrow) online show in collaboration with www.mydubaimycity.com which featured different acts of kindness.
– #GiveSyria Campaign.
– More than 9,000 meals have been distributed throughout 2013 and 2014 to labor workers in various camps in the UAE.
– Celebrating various occasions with underprivileged and orphaned children.
– Various collaborations with local and regional NGO’s and initiatives such as Breathing Numbers (they focus on the refugees in the region such as Zaatari Camp in Jordan.)


3. What are your future projects and plans?
Charity fashion show, funds will go to victims of Gaza, is our next project for the upcoming period and a couple of collaborations with local and regional initiatives.

4. What is one thing you would love to be a part of?
Placing mobile libraries in various rural areas and villages, mainly for children.

5. How do you think is the best way for the average person to do good and be a good human in their community?
To simply think of others and practice random acts of kindness at least once a week and it doesn’t have to be as monetary help. It can simply be formulated in writing kind/positive words and placing them in random places for others to receive.

6. If you had the resources, how would you change the world? Or at least influence change to the good?

By diminishing illiteracy and providing the children all over the world a safe home, proper food, medicine & sources of joy/entertainment.

7. What are your challenges and how can the community help?
Our main challenge is mainly the continuous flowing funds and coming up with new & innovative ways to inspire people to give back to their communities.

8. What is one valuable thought you can share that has really impacted you (as a person/as a team/as a charity) and changed the way you thought?
Giving doesn’t only impact those you give, it actually impacts you first and that happiness is doubled when shared.

9. Share the most fulfilling moment since you have begun your charitable journey.
There is no one fulfilling moment, every event outcome is a fulfilling moment, every smile we see on childrens’ faces we draw, every prayer we receive from those we are blessed to help, every compliment from our volunteers and contributors.

10. Your motto?
“And whoever saves one – it is as if he has saved mankind entirely” – Qura’an | Surat Al Ma’idah [5:32]


To learn more about Flea4Charity, visit their website http://www.flea4charity.com


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