Shield Notes – Anonymous Happy Letters

When was the last time, if ever, you got an awesome, anonymous note on your windshield? I still remember the only two special times I’ve ever received cute little letters stuck on my car’s windshield, albeit from a person I knew, and it’s one of those things that makes walking out to your car, alone, in the evening after a long day of studying or working just a bit more bearable. But I’ve only done it to a complete stranger this one time and it felt nice! I would’ve loved to see that stranger’s face, I wonder how their first reaction would’ve been, but I’m sure they would’ve had a smile, probably wondered for a good 10 minutes who their secret admirer was, still, that would’ve easily been the most “awesome” thing that happened to them in a while.

So can we have some kind of chain reaction? I mean I know most of us don’t walk around with pens and papers but, you know, when you do it’s really fun!

Take a picture the next time you do one and send it across and add the area. Let’s see if we can start a trend!


You're Awesome

You’re Awesome. Smile 😀 – Media One Hotel



Malalas Needed.



On Friday the 10th of October, 2014, a 17-year-old girl was announced as the recipient of the ever-so-prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. The girl is of course, Malala Yousafzai who we only began to hear of a few years earlier when she made the headlines after her attack. Malala also is now the youngest person to ever receive this award.

A few people opposed this win claiming she had done nothing to make peace in the world, and although I can’t dispute that for a number of reasons (lack of proper research, not knowing on what premises the board members judge on …etc), I can say that I personally believe she deserved it. That’s also aside of whether there was another candidate more deserving of this award, this year.

If we’re going to change the way things are going, and they seem to be going downwards for many countries and their people, then we need to be doing something about it. Many of us complain about our situations, “the system”, life, government, but very few of us do something to change that. Because you know, you can either be the girl who receives a bullet in her head, survives, and then hides in her room afraid to roam the streets of her own neighbourhood, or you can be the girl who gets shot in the head, survives, and speaks even louder.

It is really important that we take the positive and inspiring aspect of Malala’s story and look at that, more so than scrutinising every time a Nobel Peace candidate wins and criticise the why’s and how’s of their win.

We need more young girls who are bred to be stronger and more resilient. Because life can be so dangerous for all of us and the fight to keep ourselves floating needs to be something we’re prepared for by the time we’re 14. Not to say that teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to live out their childhood but we can always support a stronger, bolder attitude that manifests itself in this teenager’s future causes and beliefs.

I also suggest people read more about this young girl, Malala Yousafzai, and get to know her life story as you will be surprised at the chain of events you had wrong.


Let me share a quote I hold so close to my heart as I believe in it so deeply.

Some people badly need to be ill for their own sake, and some people badly need to be ill to provide important choices for others. Only in that way some people be encouraged to make serious choices about the sort of person they are to be. For other people, illness is not so valuable.” – Richard Swinburne.