Shield Notes – Anonymous Happy Letters

When was the last time, if ever, you got an awesome, anonymous note on your windshield? I still remember the only two special times I’ve ever received cute little letters stuck on my car’s windshield, albeit from a person I knew, and it’s one of those things that makes walking out to your car, alone, in the evening after a long day of studying or working just a bit more bearable. But I’ve only done it to a complete stranger this one time and it felt nice! I would’ve loved to see that stranger’s face, I wonder how their first reaction would’ve been, but I’m sure they would’ve had a smile, probably wondered for a good 10 minutes who their secret admirer was, still, that would’ve easily been the most “awesome” thing that happened to them in a while.

So can we have some kind of chain reaction? I mean I know most of us don’t walk around with pens and papers but, you know, when you do it’s really fun!

Take a picture the next time you do one and send it across and add the area. Let’s see if we can start a trend!


You're Awesome

You’re Awesome. Smile 😀 – Media One Hotel



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