Good Service: KHDA

When you think of governmental services, a daunting feeling sets over you. Generally the issues that concern these services are painfully annoying and require a lot of effort and time that we simply are reluctant to give. However, we’ve seen a huge change here in the UAE whether in authorities, ministries or even police stations and these changes were definitely towards the better. Some of them have improved on their infrastructure by rebuilding bigger and cleaner spaces, some on their service by introducing technology that’s helped make them more efficient, and some have taken it to the next level by investing in their people.

We tend to forget that every where we go and everything we do, there’s always a person standing behind serving us, communicating with us and making things happen. When companies or leaders set out to bring a service that will help improve people’s lives in whatever way, they must not forget about the people who are doing the actual work for them. Those are the people who will guarantee the customer or the positive word of mouth. That’s why it’s very crucial to invest more and more in their people by training them, by providing them a positive work environment, perhaps better compensation structures, and overall, a sense of purpose. We all go to work at least 40 hours a week and although there’s not much we can do to change this fact, we can ensure that we and the people working for us enjoy working these 40 hours.

Which brings me to the service I’ve encountered recently. It’s called the Knowledge and Human Development Authority and it’s in Academic City in Dubai. I had to get my certificate attested on short notice and wasn’t very sure where to go. UAE folks would know there’s a different authority for different school curriculums and schooling levels and so on, and each one is in a different part of the city if not the country. Once I got a hold of the number and phoned them, first of all, someone actually picked up and so I considered this to be a great thing to start with. The customer service agent was very helpful and promised me he would help as soon as I arrived and after travelling for 30-minutes all the way to Academic City, there it was, the glamorous KHDA building. It was midday and by that point I’ve been in my car for about 2 hours. As soon as I entered, I was amazed as the place seemed unrecognisable. There was no help desk in the centre or counters on each side with their respective agents. Instead there were couches and coffee tables and what seemed like an event happening because of the refreshment cart on the side. I was immediately approached by a man in a suit who asked me how he could help and told me to sit on one of the couches  and wait. A minute or two later, I was approached by a man in the local dress and asked for my certificate. A minute later a woman handed me the certificate, attested and meanwhile, I sat there, with free wifi, a free bottle of water and a free cup of tea.

I left after 7 minutes from the time I reached and a feeling of genuine happiness overcame me. This was the best service I’ve had anywhere purely for the positive vibes that filled that environment and in their helpful staff and the very quick and hassle free service. This is a great start for governmental institutions and I hope this can lead and inspire others with the same improvements.

Why not change our customary approach on how we conduct those tedious services and think of new ways in servicing people that will do more good on our businesses and ourselves in the long run?

Good wishes!


2 thoughts on “Good Service: KHDA

  1. I had the chance as well to visit the mentioned government service center and the team there defines the meaning of service when it comes to local governmental services. Good job Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Academic City Dubai. Thank you Good Human Project for directing the spotlight on such services and place.


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