Valuable Thoughts from your Good Human – SUPERHOPE

Superheroes are made not born. Find out what the guys at Superhope are doing to create little Superheroes with a heart-warming story.

Here, Basma and Tarik share their valuable thoughts on a super campaign.


1. What is Superhope? 

To begin with, our mission was and is to boost a child’s positive mental attitude (PMA) through positive experiences, which we design for children with a real life battle such as cancer. When one’s PMA is boosted, one’s immune system is strengthened so does their will to fight the battle.

With that in mind, Superhope was born out of wanting to use creativity for doing good. We, Basma Masri and Tarik Batal, agreed on an untraditional approach to engaging the child in their own healing campaign through artistic and entrepreneurial means.

We come from backgrounds having worn many hats. One of which is film and photo production, which has made many elements of the projects much easier.


2. Describe the process:

The child creates his own Superhero character alongside a Comic Illustrator who sketches out the child’s imagination, from superpower, to super costume. We then surprise the child by producing their imagined costume with the help of talented costume designers and finally realise the entire experience by carrying out a professional photo shoot of the child in their Superhero persona. The process takes place on 4 separate days which helps build up the excitement in the child’s life. The children get to keep their costumes as a constant reminder of who they really are – Superheroes with superpowers!

3. How was the experience like?

It was beyond what words could describe. It was our first time to work directly with children with cancer, and every meeting was educational, every encounter was inspirational. Listening to the children’s imaginations and seeing their lovely spirit was a positively changing moment to our outlook on life. We witnessed the children become so empowered, so happy and so full of positive vibes throughout this campaign. They had the chance to escape and forget about their struggle and celebrate the moment especially at the Comic Con.

It was truly rewarding having the parents come up to us, in tears, expressing their gratitude and happiness. Parents are the support systems and we encourage families to be part of their child’s imagination and inspire them to be whom they wish to be.


4. But Superhope is also about promoting a healthy state of mind, tell us more.

We are in discussions with doctors and psychologists on the key factors that help in boosting a child’s healthy state of mind, whether battling a disease or not. We have and are currently doing more and more research on this subject to better serve our upcoming campaigns as we continuously educate the children and their families on the little steps that everyone can take to provide love and stability in one’s mind, body and soul. We regularly post our research through our blog; follow us for updates!

5. What are your challenges and setbacks?

Our biggest challenge in this project was finding the most suitable time to meet with the children as they were still in treatment. Nonetheless we did it!

6. How can the community help?

We deal with many collaborations, so we are always searching for people to help us achieve the campaign’s objectives. Interested professionals in the fields of comic illustration, costume design, creative photography and filmmaking should send us an email with their skill set and portfolio and we will get in touch with them.

Also word of mouth helps a lot, so please be kind and spread our Superhope message.

We’d like to add that our past collaborators were more like partners who worked whole-heartedly and passionately on the cause. We would like to thank them all for all the efforts they have done.


7. What is a Good Human in your point of view?

A person who spends their life working on something that will outlast it.

8. If you had the resources, how would you change the world or influence change to the good?

We believe in using all the available resources to every individual to their best knowledge and using their relevant expertise to create positive impact towards a problem their heart urges to solve. If we each do a simple change within our community, that alone has the ability to create that ripple effect that affects neighbouring communities and eventually the whole world in a big circle of positive energy. We must first start at home!

9. What is one valuable thought you can share that has really impacted the way you thought?

To search for and fulfil that purpose which serves people beyond you.

10. Moto?

“The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it” William James.



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