Restart The Art: Dubai


There’s an artistic initiative happening in Dubai called Restart The Art. It’s led by the guys from The Sameness Project, a group of social innovators based in Dubai who are basically spreading goodness and most importantly changing a lot about what we once knew about this city we live in. Some of the projects they’ve carried out include giving away water to workers, connecting neighbours with each other, and facilitating conversations between strangers.

With Restart The Art, the group are again targeting labourers in Dubai and teaming them up with accomplished and aspiring artists for the aim of transforming the plain stained white labour buses into moving canvases of artistic expression.

So far the team has already picked their participating labour men and asked them 3 questions to which they had to answer with art. Next stop is our turn, the ‘artistic directors’ who will also be answering these 3 questions with our own art.

The questions are:

1. What is your dream in life?

2. What is your greatest pain?

3. What is your greatest joy?

Seemingly straight forward questions yet require a lot of thought and imagination.

I’m personally very excited to be part of this initiative; I can’t wait to meet my partner and find out his story, and I can’t wait to see what he’s created! I love art and more so, I love the expression of good behaviour and I really applaud the guys at The Sameness Project for not only their hard efforts, but their truly creative campaigns and projects that make these initiatives really fun.

I’ll be sharing updates from the project as we go along and hopefully get you all as excited as I am! Stay tuned!!


Good wishes,


The Good Human Project


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