Restart The Art: Meeting Keshab


Today I met my artistic partner, Keshab, a 34 year old Nepalese man, working as a security guard in Dubai. He’s been in this lively city for 9 years leaving behind his beautiful wife Goma and 4-months old daughter, Kritika. I ask him what ‘Kritika’ means and with the help of the translator, I understand it’s a word to describe a higher characteristic, a good, well starred person “just like Mother Teresa” he says. He tells me his marriage was out of love and that later they arranged to get married. Keshab is obviously a sensitive man and very likeable. He simply loves to be happy and seems to be a very easy going person who is respectful to others, believes in aspiring to achieve more and better, and really cares about the world especially when it comes down to the well-being of children and animals and our environment. He shares his answers with me and I find that we have more in common then I initially expected.


1. What is your dream in life?

. When a person is born, we all have one dream that the rich or poor are treated with respect.

. Children should progress in education.

. Child trafficking should be stopped.

. Those who want to destroy the world by making weapons, these dangerous activities should be stopped. It should be everyone’s responsibility to keep our environment clean.

2. What is your greatest pain?

. If my dream is not fulfilled, that is my only pain.

. Animals should be protected. All countries should come forward to plan something to protect them. Trees and small plants should not be cut. Greenery is very necessary for humans and animals too. If this does not happen then that gives me pain too. Whatever I have written should be fulfilled; this is my dream.

3. What is your greatest joy?

. I love sports like football and cricket.

. I want my family to be with me, and keeping them happy always is my priority.

. I love traveling to different towns.

. Reading stories and writing poetry is my hobby.


I didn’t get a chance to share my answers with Keshab, but I did tell him that all of these issues, dreams, pains and joys are very similar to mine. He then shared his drawings with me and I thought it was very interesting what he chose to draw. Instead of painting one main A3 art work like his fellow artists, he painted mini drawings of animals, everyday things he owns and best of all, a greatly-detailed Buddha statue, and Mount Everest! When I asked him about the tools and medium he used, he said that at first the team did not provide him with a brush, so he used a tissue paper with water colour in one of his main drawings and I thought that funny but also very resourceful of him.


Now the next step is the biggest. It’s where I come in and complete what Keshab had already started and try to bring both of our stories into a beautiful resulting work. It shouldn’t be very difficult seeing that we both share a lot in common and the fact he’s actually a good artist.

I really wish Keshab the best in life and what I can take from this meeting today is that although it wasn’t surprising to find out how us humans we are basically the same, but that it was refreshing to have a conversation with a person who is completely out of your social circle and the kind of conversation that delves into dreams and hopes, hobbies and interests and a lot of art!

Wish us luck!


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