I wanted to share some small-time goodness that took place on the corner of my house this morning. As I was leaving to walk Mr. Sparty (my crazy dog), I heard a loud bang and screeching wheels. Accident! So I went to inspect the wreckage as a nosy bystander in my uneventful life and saw that a woman had rammed her car into an unknown something (a phantom car). The labor workers from a nearby construction site gathered around and there appeared to be some sort of a curious case. Apparently, the mysterious car came out of the corner too fast and caused the collision and then escaped. But what the driver did was go around the block to see what happened only to drive off again. The workers helped point out the car, locate it and take a shot of the plate number. When the cops came, the driver and his passenger were casually walking in the neighborhood, casually passing by me, and were brought in for identification. I was asked to leave at that point so not sure what happened next.

But another neighbor came to offer the woman some water, he even told her that his wife would be home if she needed anything. Another bystander joined in solving the drama and talking to the cops.

Also, Mr. Sparty patiently waited like a good, well-behaved dog while we calmed madam lady.

All in all it was a good start to the day.

Hope back in humanity: 1

Evil men: 0


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